Advancements in Battery Technology May Increase Renewable Energy Reliability

Few topics impact every life as greatly as the discussion of affordable energy. Nearly everything modern lives involve relies on energy and the need for renewable sources has never been greater. Even as the United States has improved its solar and wind industries it has been acknowledged by many that these solutions have their limitations. When the sun or the wind does not provide adequate amounts of energy the consumer is left to find reliable and affordable ways to meet their needs.

  • Many homeowners live in regions where days or weeks will pass without any sunshine.
  • Crowded urban areas lack the space for wind farms large enough to meet the needs of their population.
  • The wind is also unreliable and unpredictable and the average homeowner or business owner cannot easily produce wind power for their personal needs.
  • Battery backup for renewable energy sources is inefficient, expensive and takes up additional space. At its best, it is usually only able to store enough energy for a couple of days use.

It may seem as if these problems are so overwhelming that there are no solutions that will make renewable energy a viable alternative for the average homeowner. Luckily, that is not the case. The answers may not be ready now but they are currently being perfected and may make it much easier for everyone to feel confident about using natural energy sources.

Battery backup is still considered the best solution to many researchers, and these experts are using their talents to create smaller, more efficient batteries for this purpose. This includes batteries integrated directly into solar panels and batteries that use the microbial activity found naturally in the dirt to produce energy. Lighter and smaller batteries that store much more energy are being created and water-activated batteries with a longer shelf life are also are currently in production.

What all this means is that battery research and production is on the verge on some major developments that could revolutionize the energy industry. This is great news for energy investors, or any investor, that has been searching for new technology investments. Visit my page for an in-depth discussion of batteries as well as for updates on the advancements.